Simple Pricing and No Hidden Fees.

At Spreeify we love and simple straightforward things. We made our pricing model with the same philosophy in mind. We charge a simple CPM for each campaign and a monthly service fee which covers tech support, account management and analytics tracking through our dashboard. That's it.

Signing up is easy and free to start. Well… what are you waiting for?

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Our Pricing

Business Type Monthly Impressions Monthly Seat Fee Usage Fee
Medium-Sized 1M-10M $500 $.15 CPM
Large 10M-100M $1500 $.15 CPM
Enterprise 100M-1B+ $2500 $.10 CPM

Features and Customizations.

  • Self Service
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Post Campaign Tracking
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Ad Exchange Compatibility
  • SMB Friendly
  • Compatible with all Social Networks
  • Social Referral Tracking
  • HTML5 banners
  • Agency Friendly
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