Project Description

Journeys Simpsons Converse Sweepstakes

About The Campaign

Catering to the teen and young adult market, there are over 600 Journeys shoe stores throughout the United States. Located in major malls, the retailer certainly has the benefit of prime locations on its side, but what brings buyers back is the brands carried, and the attitude reflected in the selection of Journeys shoes. This conversion-focused campaign sought to attract new customers and word of mouth marketing.
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Success Factors

Through a widespread marketing effort, Journeys was able to leverage word-of-mouth marketing, social sharing and social influence to help get the word out about their shoes and accessories.
Journeys acquired thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers in addition to new customers through this campaign.

Growth Metrics

Social Engagement Growth 17%
Cost Savings 57%
Conversion Rate 7%
Network Effect Growth 622%


Total Number of Social Actions

Device Diversity

A display campaign to attract, excite and engage.

Journeys site

A campaign to announce.

Journeys site

Previous Challenges

  • Cost prohibitive CPC/CPM advertising on Facebook/Twitter/Google Adwords
  • Difficult to use software
  • Lack of analytics and campaign data
  • Poor social engagement (social sharing/posting/commenting/following)
  • Not enough cross-promotion (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr)


  • Increase number engaged Facebook & Twitter followers
  • Drive word-of-mouth marketing and long-term sales
  • Facebook/Twitter/etc. fan acquisition
  • Viral marketing
  • Customer analytics data


  • Social media-driven giveaway campaign
  • Facebook Comment Engine
  • Friend invite module
  • Pinterest post module
  • Social activity timeline
  • Publisher promotional banners

Featured Publishers

Featured Publishers

Drove more social evangelists.

Spreeify Media Kit

Stirred up a social buzz.

Spreeify Media Kit

Social fans are the best brand evangelists.

Spreeify Media Kit

Social Commerce at its Finest.

Spreeify Media Kit

Real-time Promotion Dashboard Access.

Spreeify Media Kit

Our Value Proposition

Spreeify is a engagement-focused advertising platform that lets brands host campaigns that truly rock.

  • High quality publishers
  • Dashboard management
  • Direct performance metrics
We focus on the end goal not the impression.
Get precise when it comes to target audience.
Proprietary integrated engagement banner technology.


We love our customers and do everything we can to make them happy!

“Spreeify has gone above and beyond to tell the world of Social Media about our new, innovative products and services.”
Marci Liberman, VP Marketing, Starlooks
“This is one of the most powerful advertising platforms for conversion-focused ad buying. Look forward to a long-term relationship.”
Erin J., Social Media Manager
“Spreeify exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them for future product
launches designed to expand your reach.”
Stephanie Robbins, Agency Owner, etnies

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  • San Francisco Bay Area
    800 W El Camino Real #180
    Mountain View, CA 94040
  • Los Angeles
    16501 Ventura Blvd. #461
    Encino, CA 91234
  • New York
    41 Madison Avenue #2500
    Manhattan, New York, 10010-2202

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