Project Description

Design By Humans Graphic T-Shirts Campaign

About The Campaign

DesignByHumans is an ongoing t-shirt design contest and community where artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy, and talk about everything related to art and t-shirts. DBH t-shirts have been created by artists from around the world and voted into production by the DBH community. The goal of this campaign was to drive Facebook followers, email signups and sales.
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“SocialActive banners provide consumers with an instant voice and offer an immediate connection to the brand.”
Alex Wood VP Marketing of Design By Humans

Success Factors

Through a widespread marketing effort, Design By Humans was able to leverage word-of-mouth marketing, social sharing and social influence to help get the word out about their killer graphic T’s.
Designed by Humans gained thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers through the campaign.

Growth Metrics

Social Follower Growth 10%
Cost Savings 19%
Conversion Rate 4%
Network Effect Growth 469%

Traditional Display Ad

Click-Thru Rate
Conv. Rate

SocialActive™ Banner Ad

Click-Thru Rate
Social Conversions
Conv. Rate

Click-Thru Growth Rate 86%
Conversion Growth Rate 60%

Numbers reflect a 3 month timespan including residual clicks and conversions via social engagement and retargeting.