Leads and sales is the goal to create the ultimate business. With tons of social media platforms to choose from, picking the right one for your business can be tricky. Pinterest is unique because of its visual platform that draws attention and generates views from the audience. Beautifully detailed pictures captivates your audience when Pintertest is used to its full advantage. Here are some great tips you can use to throw this visual platform to your marketing mix.

  • Think Visual. Be artistic and creative. Have fun creative digital inboards to excite your audience. Let pictures speak for themselves.
  • Guide Your Audience. Keep them hungry for more. It’s a good idea to link the site of your brand to other social media sites. This will help keep the curiosity and interest growing.
  • Don’t Forget About the Men! Woman may the have the bigger percentage as Pinterest users but that doesn’t mean men can’t join in on the fun. Adapt your content to your target audience. There’s plenty of things out there to market for the men.
  • Your Brand Name is Who You Are. Don’t let the audience forget who you are. It’s best to use the brand’s name as the username. Its a small but very important detail when marketing.
  • Build Relationships. Don’t’ become a robot and not socialize with the audience. Make it personal. Traffic comes and goes so it’s important to show the user you care. Offer advice, answer questions or re-pin something unique and interesting. This can help your audience stick around longer.
  • Give Back to the User Community. A user’s time is valuable so why not give something of value in return? If you ask them to repin or sign up with your brand, then give them an incentive to do so. Give out freebies, have a contest ,or offer to give them the inside scoop on product launches. This will keep both your audience and business happy.