Instagram just signed a $100 million advertising deal with the ad agency Omnicom Group. The Agency will buy up to $100 million in ads on Instagram. They are a few aspects that make this deal promising. First, the deal is flexible. Omnicom doesn’t have to spend the entire $100 million, meaning if they don’t like the results they can spend less. Instagram will be using a native model for their ads that look like regular photos and videos, except they are from brands, just as twitter ads look like normal tweets. Brands will also be offered the opportunity to buy followers, just like on Twitter. Moreover, this deal gives Omnicom a leg up on its competition. There are 150 million monthly active users on Instagram making it amongst the hottest social media platforms out there. For any brand, Omnicom represents the privileged partner to work with. Lastly, it gives Instagram the opportunity to work closely with an agency and develop ads that are more appealing and engaging to a targeted audience. Instagram will surely encounter the same challenges Twitter had with their advertisement model. However, working with an ad agency to slowly introduce advertising to the platform gives Instagram room to experiment.