FAQ Page

Why don’t I just create socially activated banners myself?

You can… In fact all you need is a designer and HTML5 coder… But the issue is that you won’t get the robust click/conversion tracking, end-user data (geography, device, browser, demographic, etc) and self-serve campaign management that the Spreeify dashboard provides you. Not to mention it only takes a few seconds to create SocialActive™ banners. (We love instant gratification:)

Why would I want to drive social engagement when my goal is conversions?

Picture this… With a traditional ad you might expect 1 click for every 1K impressions. With SocialActive™ banners you would expect to see the same 1 click PLUS 4 social engagements. These social engagements include a trackable URL and drive 4 residual clicks to your page. The net result would be a total of 5 clicks. In short you’ve increase your CTR (click-thru rate) by 5x! :-)

Why would I want to add social buttons to my banner ads?

In short, they help increase your click-thru rate. Imagine currently you’re getting 1 click for every 1k impressions. With SocialActive banners expect to get your 1 click PLUS 10+ social shares… And from those 10 social shares an additional network effect. Keep in mind that each shared url via an unit has a trackable url which can be tied to a conversion. Hence… SocialActive banners get you conversions Plus social conversions! Oh yeah… Social buttons also add some colorful stuff to the banner which makes it more cool ;-)

Why would someone want to share from a display ad?

Its all about content. When the ad unit offers something worth sharing like something to discover, get a discount on, learn about, etc, people feel compelled to share with their friends. Oh by the way… Didi Rees is giving away free ice cream today so stop reading this and get on with it!

Do People Share Advertisements from SocialActive™ Banners?

Heck No! People hate littering their social networks with commercial stuff! Advertisers add “Shareable Copy” which includes non-commercial lifestyle photography and copy that offers something to discover, get a discount on, learn about and share. Something of interest and value not an ad!