It’s important to get as many contact points for a person as possible, so that your brand could engage with them in as many ways as possible. It’s important to maximize your interaction with fans, and the first way to do that is usually to ask them to follow you on other networks. A follower on one network can be easily cultivated to follow you another network.

An easy way to get people to follow you on different networks is by providing incentives that encourages them to share your information on other networks.  Incentivizing this type of sharing will not only get you more shares but it will also allow you to collect information such as phone numbers, and email addresses that people provide to participate in the promotion. The more points of contact you have for a person the easier it is to convert them to a customer.


But remember to be interesting by selling less. Speak with the customers instead of speaking to them.  The less you talk about sales the more likely it is that you’ll get contacts, referrals, leads and sales.