Ruben Dua
Ruben DuaCEO
Ruben began his career at the age of thirteen coding a P2P music app on an Apple II GS. Ruben then went on to found an early profile-based social network called Deevana in 1999. After graduating from USC, Ruben went on to oversee technical product management at HomeSpace which was acquired for its technology by Lending Tree within 2 years of its launch. Hungry to develop more advertising technology and e-commerce products, Ruben served on the management team of LA-Based technology developer Genex where he built ad tech, e-commerce and analytics tools for major corporations such as Honda, AOL and Porsche. Genex was later sold to Meredith Corp (NYSE: MDP) for its customer base and technology. Ruben went on to build Lingora which was the first P2P technology which allowed users to learn languages via social networks. Ruben was then acqui-hired by the world’s largest public language learning company, Berlitz, where he served as the executive producer for products, e-commerce and advertising technology. Ruben is an advisor to a number of startups and serves as an adjunct professor and lecturer of Entrepreneurship at LMU.
Jon Myron
Jon MyronTechnical Architect
Director of Mobile/Engineering at OpenX; Formerly VP of Technology at Post Card on the Run; Sr. Director of Engineering, Quepasa Corp; Team Lead, ReachLocal; Full stack ad tech veteran
Sandeep Malviya
Sandeep MalviyaVP of Technology
10 years of experience in agile software development, lean startup methodology, database architecture, mobile commerce, e-commerce; B.Eng, ISME
Brian Liu
Brian LiuAdvisor
Cofounder and Chairman of LegalZoom.
Clark Landry
Clark LandryAdvisor
Cofounder and Executive Chairman of SHIFT.