5 Ways to Gain Facebook Followers

Before you begin to go hunt for followers you should know what fans are worth to your business. A Facebook follower is worth on average $174 for a brand. That’s $116 more than non-fans.

Facebook follower average value

Fans are also 25% more likely to recommend the brand and 28% more likely to buy.Spending Satisafaction Survey-Syncapse

 So now that we know how important Facebook fans are to your business let’s discuss ways to actually gather followers.

Create GREAT Content

Great content is likeable and shareable. People love sharing great stuff with their network of family and friends, especially to people who they think might enjoy the product. Great content allows your fans to do the marketing for you.

Be Consistent

The last thing you want is to be forgotten by your fans. Stay on the tip of their tongues by posting at least once a day. If you are getting more engagement then post more. It’s that simple.

Let Pictures say their thousand words

Pictures are the most shared things on social media because it’s so easy to share. Alternate your posts frequently with photos and videos to get the most shares.

Keep it short and simple

Pictures are shared so much more than text posts because users don’t have to read pictures. You want to keep your posts short and easy to read so that people will actually read it and share it.

Ways to generate ROI from social media followers

Social commerce’s biggest impact is providing unique buying propositions for customers and new touch points for companies.

Group buying and group gifting social platforms conveniently bring together family and friends to contribute to a gift for a specified recipient. Facebook apps like gifting on birthdays and provide simple platforms for users to set up group gifting and handle the logistics of collecting money, sending reminders, and sending the gift.

Social shopping


A unique buying proposition that is particularly relevant for fashion related products. showed that 81 percent of teenage girls use their friends and peers as a source of trend information and 45 percent seek the opinions of those same groups when purchasing clothing or footwear.

Virtual Runways


Wet Seal developed a virtual runway where site visitors put together outfits to share with their friends or to present to the community to be voted on. A pair of friends shopping at Wet Seal can use a service powered by to view the same product pages, chat in real time, and use a drawing tool to notate or highlight products they are considering.

Groups for Events


Social commerce facilitates conversion in other areas. For example, many  music fans would be more likely to attend an event if they knew their friends would accompany them, and if the process of inviting friends and buying tickets jointly were more seamless.  Eventbrite allows for just that sort of group planning through Twitter and Facebook, although it doesn’t yet allow for sales directly through social media sites, but that may change.

Developments like group gifting, social shopping, and ticket buying provide a small glimpse of the potential ROIs on social media.

How Can Giving Away Free Products Earn You Followers?


People love “Free”, and if you offer something for free, people will flock to your promotion. But how do you make money by giving away free products in the social universe?

Get people to subscribe


If you give something away for free, you can ask people to subscribe.  Once you have someone’s email address, you can send them updates on your latest products and services that will go straight to their inbox.

If you sell consumer products you can give away free stuff, and if you sell services you can offer free ebooks, guides, etc. If these free items are of interest to the subscribers, than your business has a a list of potential leads.

Giving away free content for likes


Facebook fans are worth more to a brand than non-fans. That’s because brand can put themselves in front of these consumers more often by posting content that is delivered to their social billboards. These fans spend more money, and time recommending the brand to people within their network. How do you do it?


Offering free content, free stuff or an opportunity to win something in a contest is usually enough of an incentive to get fans to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a promotion.

How many customers can I actually get with social selling?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade, you’ve probably seen the reach of social media increase at light speed. Consumers and brands are voluntarily sharing knowledge and data to better understand each other through blogs and social media.

Social Media Usage

While some of the content and information generated through the internet are millions of cat videos, customers and brands are also sharing who they are and what they are planning to doing. Naturally, some of the generated content are their thoughts on products, or their desire to buy something. As this type of information increases consumers are more likely to refer to their social networks for more information on the product they intend to buy rather than searching for a product through search.

Blog Readers

Search engines recognized that a long time ago, and most of them have already incorporated ‘personal’ into their platforms. Even when searching for a product with intent, it is extremely difficult to not be influenced by your social network.For example, Google gives higher rankings to results that have been shared within your network and Bing displays ‘social links’ when you do a search.

And of course, consumers are going to trust their social networks more than anything else; because their networks consist of the people they trust the most—friends and family. Social selling is the new word-of-mouth marketing.

Value of a Social Follower


Source: Syncaspe

Why should you adopt social selling?

Because you cannot afford not to. Consumers are spending more and more time on social media, and inadvertently some of the things they share are related to the products they like and what they are going to buy. This is a great place to engage new customers because the new customers are connected to people they trust and know.

The ability to engage potential customers through their connections give brands new marketing opportunities that are not available through traditional online advertising methods like ad banners or Search Engine optimization (SEO).   A study published by Booz and Co, lists some of the new opportunities that are added into the marketing funnel by social selling.

Makreitn Funnel

As social networking sites gain prominence as a new type of commerce, it is becoming extremely important for marketers and companies to develop an understanding of and start practicing ways to tap into that funnel. It’s critical for brands to jump in now even if they don’t have much expertise; because social commerce is evolving at a blistering rate. They must be willing to learn the process while they are doing it, or risk getting left behind.