20 years ago Geocities came up with the first social media network; it was the third most viewed website on the web. Few years later, mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook and ever since the number of social media platforms have been growing considerably. With a new market comes new job titles, the most common are social media manager, strategist, analyst and specialist just to name a few. However, lately some companies have been getting as creative as it can be with their titles, going from “Social Media Rockstar” to “Community Wizard”. We have put together 25 of the most hilarious social media job titles out there.

1.Social Media Rockstar
2.Senior Social Media Capability Architect
3.Social Media Tactician
4.Social Media Wizard
5.Social Activationist
6.Chief People-Herder
7.Social Media Ninja
8.Community Data Guerrilla
9.Social Media Enthusiast
10.Idea Inventor
11.Social Media Missionary
12.Social Media Evangelist
13.Social Media Guru
14.Social Media Profit Mechanic
15.Dynamic Social Innovator
16.Social Mediaholic
17.Social Mercenary
18.Social Media Composer
19.Social Performer
20.Social Media Composer
21.Social Performer
22.Epic Social Manager
23.Social Media Overlord
24.Digital Demigod
25.Digital Marketing Magician